Developing a Primary School Franchise

The client approached us with a common problem – they were not happy with a school franchise they were using at the moment. So they wanted us to do audit of their school and come up with a new educational concept, which they could implement in their school instead of the external franchise. Moreover, they had a big vision of turning this newly developed concept into their own franchise, which they could offer to other schools in the country and spread the good practice nationwide.


In addition to carrying out the audit of the school, we did a thorough analysis of all major school franchises worldwide to get a good understanding of what makes them work.


At the next step we developed the new educational concept. It was quite a complex concept, but one of the main underlying ideas was a balance between rigorous academics and wellbeing.


The new concept was approved by the client and the next stage saw us developing the content for the new franchise. The resulting work had more than 80 core chapters, covering almost all aspects of launching and running a school.


The school successfully launched the new educational concept. With our training, support and guidance they started implementing it chapter by chapter, and are still on it. We expect that for the concept to be implemented fully they will need around 3 years.