Secondary school project in London

Academic centre in Monaco

Concept and business model for primary school franchise

International school project in Barcelona

Pioneering mindfulness program in Chicago

Learn why we love values-based education

Our portfolio

We are not as old as McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group or BAIN, but we have already completed more than 15 projects in the last few years – see some of them below.

Student Wellbeing Project: 61 urban schools in Chicago

Analysing the market for international schools in China

Revolutionizing Education: unleashing the power of innovative pedagogy in elite boys’ boarding school

Igniting passion and inspiring change with Enrichment and Values-based Education

Redefining Principalship: A trailblazing fusion of global expertise and local insight for Kazakhstan

Experience the Magic of Values-Based Education in your school

Developing a concept for a global online tutoring platform

Developing international school concept for Western European market

Developing Primary Maths textbook for International Curriculum

Analysing Maths courses at top universities in the UK, the US and Australia

Our Team

Below are some of our dedicated consultants and experts – they come with years of valuable leadership experience in the education industry, and many of them currently serve in notable leadership positions at education companies worldwide. Discover their insights and expertise!

Beth Holmes

Curriculum Consultant

Doctoral Researcher at University of Warwick | UK

Patricia Beechey

Primary Schools and
VBE Consultant

International Values Education Trust Consultant | UK

Aybulat Aletdin

Senior Consultant,
International VBE Adviser

Doctoral Researcher at University of Warwick | UK

Dr Xintong Lu


Research Fellow at East China Normal University | Shanghai 

Marek A. Zaremba-Pike


Founder and CEO of 
Whole School |UK

Ilgiz Shakir

Senior Consultant

Senior manager at Abacus Academic Centre | Ufa

Marty Wartenberg

Project Consultant

Consultant and Instructor at University of California | US

Dr Saule Kemelbayeva


Dean of International School
of Economics |Kazakhstan

Levent Sevil

Senior Consultant

CEO of Colchester English Study Centre | UK

Pauline Ferguson

Early Years and Primary Education Consultant

Founder of Play Jays | Finland

Rina Rachel Sondhi

British and International Curriculum Consultant

British School of Orvieto Principal | Italy

Rustam Ganeyev

IT Consultant,
Expert in EdTech

Senior Software Engineer at META | London

Alexander Mayskiy

Architect, Interior Designer

Founder of BINA Architectural Bureau | Kazan

Petteri Elo

Finnish Education Consultant

Founder and CEO
of Pedanow | Finland

Svetlana Shapovaliants

Coaching Consultant

Founder & CCO at Ancora Imparo | Moscow

Alexander Pogorelov


Administrative Director at Cambridge School | Tashkent

What makes us different?

We believe that management consulting should be  accessible and affordable for all

When leadership of a school or a tuition centre have access to affordable consulting, it helps their product become better and, in the end, helps improve educational experience for their students

Our values-based education pledge

A few principles we follow

No ones likes a second class experience or second class expertise. Our consultancy offers first class management advice and support to all clients – regardless if it is a £50K or a £16M investment.

Research excellency

Often, before we can advise you, we need to look into the data – to analyse the market or audit your school. We will spend days and weeks combing through mountains of data and finding precious insights while you can focus on running your business.

Understanding your business

Back when we started, we made a conscious decision to focus on helping the clients who are working on educational projects. All our consultants and experts have strong educational background and years of experience working in education in different countries and in various capacities.

Extensive set of project planning and impl’t tools

Whether it’s a full layout of your business processes, a contingency plan or a project control plan – we will use all tools at our disposal to help you make right decisions, day after day. RACI Matrix, WBS, VLE, SIMS: whatever these acronyms mean and whether you know them – do not worry, sit back and enjoy the ride while we walk you through.

Intergrity and a holistic view of education

With us you can always be sure that our advice will be in the best interest of your business. We won’t unnecessarily extend your project so that we can charge you more. And since we sincerely care about children , we will never give you advice that is ethically flawed or harmful to your students, your staff or your community.  


Public school in London

Nationally, London displays one of the highest achievement levels, both in public and state sector and the competition among schools is fierce. In this project we explored feasibilty of opening a private school catering to Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 (Sixth Form), given the current property prices to rent or buy, available properties and level of demand, alongside financial metrics such as required investment, payback period and comprehensive list of expenses


The key factor, which defines the school will succeed or not. The location is the epistomy of demand, available properties and transport situation


We estimated demand for secondary school places, looking at a range of factors, such as property prices, demographics, transport links


The D1 commerical property market is a tricky one – very few properties are available, and the prices are eye-watering.


We used real data from existing schools to build a financial model, and based property prices calculations on solid regulatory background.

Feasibility studIES

A classic first step before investing into a new project, our feasibility study usually includes market research, competition analysis, demand forecast, regulatory overview, rent/buy property market analysis and curriculum/academic options.


It’s often a first step before developing a new school concept – analysing educational business through a mixture of methods: interviews with all groups of stakeholders, lesson and other school events observations, document analysis, online presence test


We are often asked to develop a new educational concept for existing schools – because times change and schools have to keep up with ever changing educational landscape and be able to successfully compete with their rivals

StrategIES & Business PlanS

At this step we will help you define your strategy, develop the educational concept, prepare a project charter, create a financial model, shape your business processes and work together on all aspects of your business plan.

implementation SUPPORT

Once you ready to move forward with your business plan, we will offer you ongoing support with fine-tuning your strategy and your plans to real life challenges, possible complications and unexpected developments, helping you to adapt as you go and providing training programs, mentoring and coaching support for you


With new schools opening almost daily, attractive and functional interior design  becomes a necessity – which our architects and interior designers are happy to provide, working alongside educators and school practitioners, in a joint team environment


International school project in Spain

Spain is considered one of the most popular destinations for expats from all over the world, which in turn creates demand for international education. In this project we carried out a feasibility study of opening an international school in either Barcelona, Madrid or in one of the smaller towns preferred by expats, such as Alicante.


Spain is an affordable place to buy a property or build a school, however your tuition fee can’t be set as high as in say China or Dubai.


We looked at both capital expenses and operational expenses. To correctly estimate wages, for example, we had to analyze local and international job markets.


The financial model for this project included Cash Flow and Profit & Loss statements, among other financial indicators.


We conducted a comprehensive analysis of competition – their fees, services, capacity and utilisation numbers, floor area, etc.

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