We offer three services, and with our teams' diverse skill sets we bring clients endless possibilities​​​​​​​ -
Estimation, Administration and Construction Services​​​​​​​
Estimation (Initial Budget Proposal)
- we offer extensive project estimates, quantifying the entire scope of work as represented on the plans
- one of our aims is that unforeseen issues are identified prior to starting the project, this is by Warwick projects asking client the right
  questions at the initial estimate i.e. design stage
- if the initial estimate is acceptable, final drawings can be completed and the project can go to tender
- a complete budget proposal can be supplied, using contract specific contractor and or negotiated contractor and supplier prices
- there are more costs to building work than just the cost of the construction and these costs will all be identified in the estimate 
- our estimate can be manipulated accordingly to suite budget requirements or to change your design
- this process should be done as early as possible i.e. before the plans go past design stage 
- the reason you can't work on M2 rate to estimate 'CLICK HERE' and more info and pricing about our system at  'PC SUMS'
Administration (Behind the Scenes Services)
- we offer in-depth project programs, expressing the entire scope of work as represented on the plans or to required schedule
- construction programs according to the project estimates are complied for each unique project or phase of project; 
   showing milestones and cash flow projections
- contracts JBCC (Joint Building Contracts Committee) or other contract administration required for the project 
- arbitration
Construction Service (Construction Project Management / Main Contractor)
- management of the entire process – from project initiation through to project handover
- single-point of responsibility (chain of responsibility)
- complex and vast range of expertise
- maintain ethical standards throughout the project
- managing components or services required, for example landscaping, solar, smart automation, pools etc.
- we drive the base cost of the project down, through consistent use and the trusted relationship of our contractors and suppliers
- advice and support before, during & after the project
- we pride ourselves on trust and transparency and the relationship with our clients

- if Warwick Projects was appointed as the Principal Agent by the client (essentially acting entirely on behalf of the client – 
  we appoint the main contractor and take responsibility for contractors’ competency and results, and/or all other contractors,  
  suppliers of materials and/or services required – to complete the scope of the project). We therefore become the Principle 
  Building Contractor – by means of a contractual JBCC agreement (between The Client - The Contractor(s) - Warwick Projects). 
- in the case where the Client has a nominated the main contractor: the client appoints the main contractor and take responsibility 
  for contractors’ competency and results. However, Warwick Projects can still act as project manager and quality inspector on 
  behalf of the client.
- the responsibility of making necessary day-to-day decisions 
- we check subcontractors’ quotes and make sure that they are always market related & quality relative.
- the critical path of value is to ensure that through our appointment, we protect the client and their investment. Our service is not an 
  additional cost, that shouldn’t be a luxury or alternatively a budget cut, but appreciated as value added to your project.

Lines of Communication
- all meetings with the client and/or contractors will be documented through emailed minutes and sent to all parties involved
- if Warwick Projects is the Principle Agent, no contractor or supplier deals with the Client (and vice versa – client does not deal 
  with contractor/suppliers that Warwick Projects appointed) and in so doing alleviates confusion and miscommunication – which 
  can be detrimental. 
- all will be asked and expected to communicate directly with the CPM (construction project manager), who will issue instructions  
  to the contractors and suppliers. In this way, total accountability and control is assured. (chain / single point of responsibility)
- any and all additions, changes or delays to the scope of project and the cause / originator of such additions or changes, will be 
  minuted and updated
- any additions to the contract or scope will be brought to the client and client will authorise before go-head given to contractor 

Our Admin Services 
(cost to client – see ‘PC SUMS’ for fee structure)
- General process: initial concept budgets -> client oversee and possible amendments -> extensive, detailed estimates.
  contractors’ fees and material costs are calculated at base cost i.e. no mark up, thereby giving an accurate indication of the 
  clients total financial commitment
- additionally, as an added service (opt-in), we provide and manage the budget and forecast of costs and track all payments for 
  the duration of the project; financial administration
- additionally, as an added service (opt-in), we transfer the estimate to a construction program, identifies and tracks all the 
  activities, item inception and milestones of the project. (necessity determined by intricacy of project)
- additionally, as an added service (opt-in), contractor claims verified, establishing what and when to pay suppliers and 
  contractors; when to hold back payments for incorrect, unfinished or poor quality work
See full details of costs on the 'PC SUMS' page

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