Secondary school project

Nationally, London displays one of the highest achievement levels, both in public and state sector and the competition among schools is fierce. In this project we explored feasibilty of opening a private school catering to Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 (Sixth Form), given the current property prices to rent or buy, available properties and level of demand, alongside financial metrics such as required investment, payback period and comprehensive list of expenses


The key factor, which defines the school will succeed or not. The location is the epistomy of demand, available properties and transport situation


We estimated demand for secondary school places, looking at a range of factors, such as property prices, demographics, transport links


The D1 commercial property market is a tricky one – very few properties are available, and the prices are eye-watering.


We used real data from existing schools to build a financial model, and based property prices calculations on solid regulatory background.