High-Profile Academic Centre

This project started with a feasibility study and thorough market research (including interviews with competitors, government officials, existing clients – parents and students, staff and owners). Based on that we developed s strategy and prepared a project charter with a draft financial model. This received a greenlight from the client, and at the second stage we prepared a whole range of documents: risk assessment matrix, detailed business processes, work breakdown structure, RACI Matrix, detailed overview of available VLE and SIMS options, staff performance management system template and many other necessary management tools. 


Monaco is one of the smallest countries on the planet – only 2 square kilometres in size. Finding suitable premises for an academic centre is a challenge.


We estimated demand for high-profile tuition services, looking at a range of factors, such as offering from French schools and international schools, demographics, interest, etc.


Client requested that we prepare everything that was needed to launch a tuition centre: from timetables to lists of equipment required for A-Level practicals. 


It was really important for our client to see that the financial model demonstrated that their idea for an academic centre was financially feasible, even under different scenarios.