About Aybulat Aletdin

Aybulat started his career in education as an ICT teacher and a deputy-head for ICT in a highly-selective boarding school for gifted and talented. Under his leadership ICT department grew from a small room and a couple of classrooms to become one of the biggest and most influential departments in the school. As the next step of his professional development, Aybulat got his Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Innovation from the University of Warwick in the UK in 2011. Following that, he became one of the founding managers of Cambridge International School in St. Petersburg, which opened its doors to expatriate families of the city, where he later on held the positions of a deputy-principal and a headteacher for Cambridge International Curriculum.

Aybulat’s next professional endeavour was a role of a project manager for UniSchool International School project, where he led a small team which developed a new educational concept, worked with some world-renowned architectural bureaus on school premises designs, school building property market, branding and school finance. Later on took on a role of a Head of Primary at Innopolis International School, where has was tasked with launching a primary stage school on a 4500 sq.m. brand-new empty campus from about 30 to more than 200 students in under 6 months.

In 2017 he started at University of Warwick as a Doctoral Researcher and soon joined Warwick Projects Educational Consultancy as a Managing Partner. His main research interests are values-based education – a pioneering pedagogical approach proudly used by more than a hundred primary schools and a handful of secondary schools in the UK and worldwide. Aybulat was warmly received by the UK VBE (values-based education) community and soon became a VBE International Associate in recognition of his work of researching and promoting values learning to various schools worldwide.

As a consultant, Aybulat focuses more on the business side of educational projects, such as strategy development, evaluating business viability of the concept and financial planning, but his main strength lies with educational start-ups where his divergent thinking and the ability to tie things together and build a comprehensive business model helps his clients to get a fresh outlook and a framework to work with while advancing their new projects and solving their existing complex problems.