Rina Sondhi, a Masters graduate of the University of Surrey and a qualified Principal (NPQH) from the National College of School Leadership Nottingham and Cambridge, has served the world of Education through Teaching, Consultancy and Management positions for the past 30 years.

Since the year 2000, Rina Sondhi has worked with over 40 staff teams across the United Kingdom and supported the development of Literacy Education in over 90 schools in the UK, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, New York, San Francisco, China, Russia, Sri Lanka and Italy.

Rina has worked as a client director for BMC global services; connecting CEOs of International and global companies; to key conferences and events.

Rina recently worked in Russia as a Director of Cambridge Curriculum and Head of English developing both the British NC and Cambridge curriculum Internationally. Rina worked in Sri Lanka developing the teaching and learning of the British English curriculum as a Head of Department.

Rina is the school Principal of the British School of Orvieto – developing partnership projects with various schools, International universities and study abroad programs as well as working as an International Education consultant.

As an Education consultant Rina is able to proactively identify and respond to the needs of students and/or educational institutions and is able to gather, disseminate and share best practice as well as work with clients to solve their problems using education theory and is able to present ideas and solutions in an effective way.