we are a cape town based, professional construction team, with diverse and complimenting expertises, 
providing clients access to high end construction with refined custom finishes and furnishings, 
we take care of the entire process from conception to inception to handover
Why should an Architect, Designer or Home Builder use Warwick Projects
- As an Architect or Designer, you may wish to provide your clients with preliminary costing at ‘Design Stage’ before progressing
- Based on the the preliminary costing, adjustments and revisions can be made to the design in the early stages of planning if required or for peace of mind
- As an Architect, Designer or Home Builder, gaining insights into the expected cost of the municipal design before going tender, gives an idea of expected costs  
  from contractors
- We can consult with both Design Team and Client, when discussing cost implication of designs options or finishes
-  By engaging a cost specialist in the planning stage of the project great value is added to the overall affordability of the proposed design.
- As an Architect or Designer you can add additional value to your portfolio. You may from time to time receive a request to do work that is not core to your business 
- For example you might be asked to provide Bills of Quantities, Estimates, Cost Planning or Tender Documentation for new homes, townhouses or additions and alterations 
- We can add value to your existing offering by undertaking these types of project on your behalf, or via referral, professionally and efficiently
- Don't get caught out with quotes that don't include everything and make sure all your contractors quote on the same scope
- Know how much you can spend, get your budget under control early and make sure your project is on tract
- Watch your timeline and your cash, make sure your everything is on tract
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